Government & Military

On land, sea or in the air, the Piccolo® works there.

Whether in the military, embassy, administration, hospitals, agency, emergency service or outer space; accurate, precise and timely diagnostic information is needed in order to address afflictions and chronic conditions. This is where the Piccolo really delivers. It is portable, easy to use, rugged, reliable and delivers consistent and comprehensive diagnostics right where and when they are needed most.

The burden of caring for deployed employees falls squarely on the deployer. And often large laboratory equipment just isn’t practical. With the Piccolo, care providers can have a battery of up to 31 lab-accurate general chemistry tests that can be run on patients on-site, in minutes. With a very small 100 microliter whole blood, plasma or serum sample – caregivers can monitor electrolytes, renal and liver function, metabolic function, lipids, inflammation and a variety of other tests wherever the patient is.