Hospitals and IDNs are realising the benefits of POCT.

Point-of-care diagnostics are commonplace within today’s Integrated Delivery Networks. Hospital administrators, care providers and laboratorians know that in order to thrive in the new Accountable Care “shared savings” environment, treatment plans must be delivered faster, more comprehensively and with accurate information. The inefficiencies of the spoke-and-hub method of shuttling samples to and from the central laboratory are magnified as systems expand their reach.  Many Lab Directors and Point-of-Care Coordinators are empowering the caregivers in satellite clinics and ICU’s to conduct the routine general chemistry tests they need on-site, in minutes with the Piccolo.

Many point-of-care devices can’t stand up to the correlation requirements of the hospital system, therefore they are not widely adopted.  Hospitals must have consistent results and treatment protocol throughout, and any POC device needs to match the results of the core lab. Many simply can’t.

The Piccolo however, is different. It is a self-contained spectrophotometer/centrifuge that measures the absorption of the enzymatic chemistry reactions on 9 different wavelengths to deliver truly lab-accurate results. Empowered with these results in real-time, care providers can reduce the visit times and more patients receive a complete plan of care in just one treatment.

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