Long Term Care

Reduce hospital readmissions with on-site diagnostics.

Long term care centres face significant challenges in managing off-site lab results. Not only are there costs associated with collecting and transporting patient samples, but turn-around times for lab results can delay necessary treatment regimens. Additionally in the long term care centre, labs are usually drawn once a day in the early morning hours – which is a disruption of patient’s sleep and healing process. This cost of treatment delays, managing samples and healing process disruption can cause an increase in hospital readmissions, which defeats the purpose of long-term care.

With the Piccolo as the centrepiece to their on-site lab, long term care physicians and caregivers can continuously monitor patient conditions and schedule lab draws when it is most beneficial to the patient – not the lab. Treatment planning is faster and more personalised, resulting in improved patient satisfaction and outcomes. Medication monitoring and dosage adjustments can be fine-tuned to the patient’s individual physiology in real-time. Hospital readmissions are reduced and costs are better controlled and managed.

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