Lab-accurate paediatric bilirubin, lipids, electrolytes and more.

The rapid development of the human body from new-born through adolescence creates many challenges for paediatric caregivers. Whether addressing jaundice in a premature baby, childhood obesity, teenage physicals or other conditions, paediatricians across the World are enjoying on-site chemistry results with the Piccolo. With a small 100 microliter sample, paediatric providers can run a battery of up to 14 tests on a patient in less than 12 minutes.

Monitor the impact of prescribed medications. Perform accurate electrolyte tests for babies with vomiting or diarrhoea. Do a quick draw on a premature baby to monitor jaundice and liver development.  Check the lipids, liver and metabolic function of childhood obesity patients. Check the impact of acne prescriptions on liver and lipids.

The Piccolo allows you do to all this and more, on-site in minutes. Using just 3 simple steps and only 30 seconds of hands-on time, you can reduce your dependence on the lab, and free your practice to operate more efficiently – with greater throughput, satisfaction, referrals and revenues.

See what the Piccolo can do for your Paediatric practice, schedule an on-site consultation.