Primary Care

Diagnose and treat your patients in a single visit

Perhaps more than any other specialty, Primary Care physicians rely on accurate blood chemistry results to diagnose and monitor their patients’ conditions. This is where the Piccolo comes into focus.  With its comprehensive menu of 31 tests across 17 panels, the Piccolo allows PCPs to address the majority of their routine abnormal results on-site, in minutes.

The Piccolo assay menu encompasses major organ systems including liver, kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder, metabolic function, lipids and other specialty tests. Using a small 100 microliter sample, caregivers can have lab-accurate and reliable results in about 12 minutes.

With the ability to address abnormal results on-site, primary care practices can develop and execute complete plans of treatment for their patients within the span of a normal office visit. In the new “shared savings” world, efficient delivery of high-quality care will be paramount to chronic care cost reductions. By doing more up front with immediate and accurate information; treatment plans come faster, medication effects are monitored and adjusted in real-time, and patient compliance increases with through the power of accurate information.

See what the Piccolo can do for your practice, schedule an on-site consultation.