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The Piccolo test menu has something for everyone.

No matter what your medical specialty is, the Piccolo can help. Our test menu of over 30 general chemistry analytes has something for everyone – from gastroenterology and endocrinology to nephrology and rheumatology. Pharmaceutical clinical trials and research facilities are also using the Piccolo’s menu to monitor effects of experimental drugs and to develop new cures and treatment regimens for infectious diseases like Ebola.

For example, if you’re a rheumatologist who needs to monitor the impact of TNF inhibitors and track CRP levels, the Piccolo can help you do that in real time, while the patient is in the office.  Dermatologists who are prescribing Accutane for adolescents with acne need to monitor the impact on liver and lipids – the Piccolo can help with a CLIA waived panel. Or, maybe you’re a nephrologist and need more than just a kidney screening tool to accurately and confidently diagnose levels of renal impairment swiftly and efficiently. You guessed it, the Piccolo can do that too.  The Piccolo even has a specific panel with just CRE with eGFR and BUN for Imaging Centres to quickly check renal function prior to injection contrast medium.

So, if you could use a fast and accurate blood chemistry result in your practice, the odds are that the Piccolo can help you too.

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