Urgent Care

Setting a new standard of care for Urgent Care

Urgent Care centres across the World are choosing the Piccolo as their on-site laboratory solution. The Piccolo allows Urgent Care clinics to diagnose and treat a broad variety of conditions on-site with confidence. No matter what conditions walk in the door, the Piccolo is ready with comprehensive, lab-accurate blood chemistry results in minutes.

The beauty of Urgent Care is that they’re open when regular doctor offices are not. Since the reference laboratories are not open on nights and weekends when Urgent Care centres are an on-site lab solution becomes a must-have for full-service clinics. Since Urgent Care centres thrive on repeat visits and patient referrals for walk-in traffic, patient satisfaction is key to business growth.  With the Piccolo, your patients will be satisfied because they will receive a complete plan of care in one-stop at your clinic. Your reputation in the medical community for providing quality care will increase due to the high quality services you provide.

See what the Piccolo can do for your practice, schedule an on-site consultation.